Monday, 30 December 2013

What a month :)

December turned out to be a right mixed bag of emotions, business and quiet times! I managed, for the most part, to take my photo a day and to catch up on the missing words from earlier in the year, so now my Project 365 is nearly on track and done!

In addition, I seem to have been appointed the main admin for a new facebook group: Daily Snappers
This came about when I was chatting with Michelle and said how much I missed our "old gang" from the 365+1 challenge, way back in 2012.. I never did get to wrap my head around the format that group chose for 2013 (sorry girls). And, as everyone can see by the state my blog is in, I am also not one for blogging daily, so the only logical place to put the Photo A Day challenge really was Facebook.. because I DO go on there daily.
We are all armed with the words for an entire year, the prompts will come in daily, but there will also be documents for people to get the entire month at once.
There won't be any pressure, competition, obligation.. it will just be fun. Hopefully new friendships will be made and  a whole year documented. You don't have to follow the prompt, you can take your own photo, or no photo... whatever is right for you is what the group is all about. You can share in the facebook group, submit a link to a blogpost or not share.. again, the choice is yours! It would be great to see some of our 365+1 friends in 2014... I know you are all going to do the 52 word challenge, but maybe you can squeeze our Daily Snappers in there somewhere..

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Photo A Day

I am supposed to be doing the Journal Your Christmas challenge with Kim, let me just say that is going about as well as the LSNE challenge went... It's come to a grinding halt! I am now well and truly ready to see the back of 2013, yes it really was as bad as I had feared, in fact, it was worse! The ONE good thing though is that I caught up on my photo a day challenge, even though I cheated this year (quite a lot).. But it is now 2 years that I have stuck with it! And here is the proof :)