Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 287 - 288

Street Scene

Oh goodness, this caused me actual pain to take, so i waited until clearing up time before venturing to the bottom of the high street and catching the market traders packing up their stalls. I cant wait to get words again that i can take from the comfort of my own home :)


Phew, this one was an easier one :) i only had to walk across the road to snap a photo of our victorian terraced houses. One nice thing about these old type of buildings are the still preserved original features, especially the chimneys.

Work is still going like mad here, trying to get all the jobs done before mother's arrival. I have lost heart and just know it wont all be ready, leaving me wide open for criticism. I dont even understand this need to "see" people... we talk on the phone several times a week, why is it so important to "see" me? im just a lot older, fatter and uglier than i was when you last saw me 10 yrs ago.. it is so frustrating! i feel so embarrassed about myself as it is, so to have to be on show and dressed up at ALL times and hair done, makeup done every day, it just is not me.. the pressure of this visit is definitely taking its toll on me... plus i will be expected to "go places", i dont like being outside, i dont like being away from my home.. its just not something i like to do... im just so frustrated with everything at the moment...

Friday, 12 October 2012

A recap of september and October so far...

Ive turned this post upside down, to spare all of you who dont really have an interest in my personal life the boring bits :) here are the missing photos:


I didnt blog at all during September, so here is a summary of the photos i took.

Wall, Free choice, above and below, asymmetrical

Pretty self explanatory really, a bit of our housewall, the paint cans that have been my best friends and worst enemies these last few weeks, the fireplace and lights and my little plant that has managed to survive me so far.

Local landmark, peak/valley, natural frame and overgrown

I chose the clock in our market square for the landmark, the peak and valley was interesting to take as i stopped on the way home from dropping the kids to school, one photo was taken from the bottom of the hill and the other from the top, looking on to the urban forest. The natural frame came from my favourite, still alive, flowering plant and the overgrown bush is right in front of where i park the car.

Sky, barren, distant and architecture

I caught the sky looking very ominous and menacing, it is not even touched up or photoshopped! The flower baskets at the front of the house are now very barren. Distant caused some hilarity with me and the boys, trying different things until we came up with playing with DH's tape measures, as a carpet fitter, he has some very long tape measures and some not so long ones.. here are the longest and shortest next to each other. Architecture was an easy one as well, we went looking for dd's new carpet today and happened to come past ds's college, i love that building! when you are inside it is all open plan and lots of glass to light everything up, so different to the old, old buildings i attended when i was at uni!

I am just sitting down, for the first time in over 12 days, with nothing left to do for the moment. Well, that is strictly speaking not true, there is some laundry i should attend to, there is a ton of cleaning i should be doing and there is still more decorating to be done (i'll explain that in a bit). The last weeks of my life have been taken up by painting, painting, painting, some more painting and then some errr painting!

Emotionally i am a wreck and on the brink of a nervous breakdown i think.. so much has happened over the last 5 weeks, it would take forever and bore everyone to tears to tell everything.

Things are delicate here and have become more so since my MOTHER has announced a royal visit, with the arrival scheduled for 0700 hrs sharp in london! She is travelling by bus as she finds airports too scary, such a shame as she could be here within an hour and it would only take me 20 minutes to pick her up, rather than the 4 hrs round trip to london. My mother is your typical german Hausfrau, so everything has to be just so... clean is NOT clean enough, tidy is NOT tidy enough. Living with 4 people who couldn't care less, i am in a total panic and totally overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work im having to do.

Despite all of that, i have taken 5 minutes each morning to check the "word of the day" and then tried to find something to fit. The other

One thing i am sad about is having to make do without my iphone 4s, after i was attacked during a minor car crash, i could not ring 999 because they could not hear me. That had been a problem since the day i got it, but when we rang apple to ask about this, they fobbed us off with the "update to the latest firmware", it wasnt until that incident that we did some research and this is in fact a HARDWARE problem with the iphone 4s, well known and widely discussed. I rang apple back, their solution, for a very expensive contract phone, either drive to your apple store and see if they will replace it (well, no i do not think that i should have to waste an entire day driving to birmingham because of a fault that they are aware of), have it sent off for repair (this should take around 6 weeks to fix, again on an expensive contract, that is not good enough) or pay them £569 as a safety deposit and receive a replacement! Huh? if you do not trust your courier company, dont make me pay for it.. i am already paying for this useless piece of equipment, i am not also giving you £569 just in case to have it put right. NEVER EVER will i be giving apple any of my money again. I used to love my idevices, but since this lack of customer service, i have totally gone off apple and will look to android phones as soon as i can.