Monday, 19 November 2012

Free Choice

Well hello everyone... Remember me? Vlad My human had one of those days so I thought its be as good a time as any to come back and say hi! I managed to distract the human by giving her some string and a hooky thing and look how clever she is! Apparently this contraption is called a "tree skirt" ... Where I come from trees don't wear clothes but whatever she's obviously gone a special kind of mad!

Anyway here I am trying on the skirt

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Blogging on a phone

Is a lot quicker and easier than doing it on the pc ... No need for HTML or formatting and I can put the photos up straight from Instagram


I've already covered the book story so I won't bore you all again and you've seen my kindle and tablet so here is my rather sorry looking book collection.

The most willing and obvious subject for this matter: the cooperoo in action! Here he just got ready to pounce on his ball

Friday, 16 November 2012

Another bulk blog

Ok I think I can cope with this until the end of the year! Bulk blogging from my iPhone is the way to go!

I tend to over think everything but didn't fancy another photo of me so here is a book full of (scary) thoughts and ideas. No, I haven't had the courage to wreck it yet!

The past holds too many painful memories for me so I avoid thinking about it like the plague. This is a little biscuit tin with nostalgic toys on the front.

A text message dh sent me

I actually revisited the dilapedated fence for you all ... It looks much better now!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Days 310 - 313

Bright, Dotty, Creature and Domestic

This has got to be a first (and most likely last)! We are almost at the end of the 366 challenge and i have only missed ONE day (way back when the prompt was daybreak and i fell asleep before i could snap a picture).. i am now determined to see this through, if only to have ONE single, solitary thing in my life that i can say i finished! Im usually a quitter on all fronts but somehow i have managed to keep taking my photo.. i learned that i hate blogging and that i should have known better than to put so many personal things on this blog.. i have learned many other things too, but mainly i will at the end of my days have at least this one thing that i stuck with to the end :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

up to date blogging

Well, this is strange... im up to date with the blogging again. I think, if i do another 365 challenge in 2013, ill just blog once a week.. anyway, peace and quiet has been restored to the household and i find myself being able to breath again, the emotional after effects of mother's visit will linger for some time, but that will also fade with time.

Fear, Tree, Primary Colour, Group

Fear: An odd one for many of you, but my mother is the one human on this planet who causes me more fear than anything or anybody else, for a number of reasons.

Tree: This is the little tree in our backgarden that has been snapped a few times during this challenge.

Primary Colours: Okay, this is cheating again, but i like this table cloth as it makes the room so cheerful.. and if you look closely, there IS a primary colour in there!

Group: My boys yesterday at the fireworks in Himley, all huddled up and grouped together.


At first i thought of showing you all my rather small paper collection, but changed my mind at the last minute! I had just put away these little paper baskets to keep when i figured, a photo would be more enduring and less bulky to remember these by. My grandmother taught me how to make these when i was a toddler and this time, my mother taught Dd and Ds2 how to make them during her stay here. Hopefully, the tradition of teaching our littlies these baskets will now continue with Dd teaching her children and/or grandchildren.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catching up and looking back on October

Door, Cement, Public Transport, Pipes

Door: my freshly painted door and our front door

Cement: I think this one is cheating, its actually made of marble but it looks like cement to me

Public Transport: Dd's bus pass has been a life saver to us

Pipes: As hidden in dd's airing cupboard, they are now nicely boxed in

Black and White

Landscape: Wolverhampton

Portrait: Mother and Me

Pattern: another one of my zentangles

Close Up

Family Portrait, Free Choice, Heart warming, orange

Family Portrait: Mother, parents in law and my gang (though natty and dom seem to have disappeared from the square photo :D

Free Choice: Mother and Dom at work

Heart Warming: Candle light

orange: my little halloween plant

Crooked, quirky, dark, statue

Dd giving me a crooked smile

A quirky painting we discovered in the art gallery

Its getting dark early now... i like it

The same statue that already came to my rescue for the word "bronze" this time its the actual statue rather than the plaque

And here is an overview of all the photos i took in october: