Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 118 - Art

When it comes to art, i am totally clueless... my latest venture into something remotely "arty" is my tangling.. a posh word for doodling! We did spot some fantastic art at the Science Museum as part of the Hexxen exhibitions currently on show...

Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 117 - Tradition

Thinking of this, we actually have a LOT of traditions, some that we have kept from when the children were little and important to them for all manner of reasons and quite a few "new" ones for our new family. A lot of our traditions revolve around the important "holidays" such as Easter, birthdays, christmas, New Year's, then there is our "becoming a family" tradition (we each send a special wish with a chinese lantern up to heaven)... One tradition however belongs just to me, and as our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday, it fits the prompt today. I must admit, i am not a romantic at all (dh is however, bless him) so the whole anniversary thing is a much bigger deal to him than it is to me... since our wedding, dh has bought me flowers to replace the ones in my wedding "bouquet".. it was actually a little wire purse filled with 2 roses and some giant daisies.. and i do keep the blooms and dry them..

Day 116 - Powerful

Another thought provoking prompt, but again, lots of "things" one cannot easily capture on photo.. so ive settled for me new "powerful" earbuds for my iphone.. those babies really rock my tunez!

Day115 - Tower

Ok, time to cheat... twice for today! I just cannot be bothered to find a tower.. so i have renamed my shamefully huge ironing mountain to ironing TOWER.. whether its called a mountain or a tower, its HUGE and will take me forever to get rid off! The other photo i actually took yesterday in London, those pillars tower over you right at the entrance to the Natural History Museum, a firm favourite with the kids. Only this time we actually enjoyed ourselves, no shouting, hollering and argueing! so that was a novel experience for us all.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 114 - Cross

I actually checked today's word out while we were on the tube to Belgrave Square, so the next stop was a perfect shot for today! King's Cross tube station.. yup, i drove all the way to london and all the way back home to the west midlands, without any hiccup or major disaster.. i got in the car, navigated it down to its prebooked parking spot, and found my way home again too.. so who says one cannot drive a car in london :)

Day 113 - Symbolic

This one was a "dog with two tails" word for me.. my favourite symbolic thing is my wedding band.. but you all already know about that! My next favourite symbol is my national flag and the german eagle, but ive already used that as well! so, some serious soul searching was in order and i was soon rewarded with inspiration when i glanced in the mirror. Ddaughter bought me this crucifix for christmas, because the one i had had since my first communion was also left behind. In a way this means even more to me than my original one.. it symbolizes so many things now, new beginnings, my faith, my trust in God that He knows where he is guiding us, that He will keep us all safe from harm and the ever looming evil that still haunts us.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 112 - precious

Just when i get back into putting photos back on here, comes another word that sends me onto an emotional rollercoaster. I tried to go for the new and obvious "precious" in my life, but ive already taken several photos of my wedding band and my gadgets.. so i had to delve deeper into my "precious". Unfortunately, i have no baby photos of the boys left and only very few of ddaughter. I stumbled across a long forgotten harddrive not so long ago and discovered a couple of gems on it... a handful of baby photos of ddaughter! So, to me those are very precious...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

day 111 - flag

Today's word was easy peasy lemon squeezy :) we dont have our big german flag anymore as that was left behind, but we do have a german football association flag permanently hanging up in the ds1's bedroom..

Thursday, 19 April 2012

day 110 - small

Small fitted quite well into my day today... i got the next circle journal yesterday, and the theme is Steampunk (though i love the whole concept, it instills no small amount of anxiety in me) anyway, i have finally figured out what i want to do with my entry, so i hunted around the house for some old clocks, alarm clocks and watches and took them apart to get to the tiny little cogs and wheels inside.

day 109 - entrance

I thought taking another picture of our front door would be a bit boring, so i took a photo of Leo guarding the entrance to her cave.. amazing how stupid the grasshoppers are, they hop straight in past the mini dragon and then look all surprised when they turn into a light snack.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Not sure what day we are on - Bold

So, it took a very profound word to coax me out of my shell again. "Being bold" is certainly not something that comes naturally to me, in fact, i am probably the most timid creature you will ever encounter.. until today! It took this bold little guy to tempt me to leave the safety of my car. I kept seeing him and his little friends every day on the school run, and today DS2 wanted to stop and watch them for a little while before heading home.. so we did.
He (the pony that is) was so friendly and trotted over for a pat and a fuss, which i duly gave him and in return he posed for a few nice photos for me. And then he bolted off again :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

So far so good

Even though i have stopped using the blog as a way to document the photo each day, i have been taking the prompts and followed through on most days. Some days, the prompt just did not fit or i could not think of anything important i wanted to save for the prompt, so just took a differnt photo instead. Here is a recap of April so far...

I think the most memorable prompts so far this month were Noisy (the helicopter) and Shocking (the blue tent).. we actually had a murder happen right in the street behind us, the helicopter was used to survey the area as the suspect was still in the area and the blue tent went up a couple of hours later, but is still there while the forensic team do their job.