Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - It's here, another new year

So, here we are again. Another new year, another promise to myself to be better at keeping with the various challenges I've set.
 I am hoping that I will make it past March this year :) but I know I have a bad track record so I am not putting pressure on myself.
 Last year saw so many changes, so many trials and ups and downs. Most of the time I felt unreal and couldn't make sense of what was going on around me. This year I will try and embrace this new life, I will try and find my way through life. 

I have signed up for #onelittleword and I am, once again, joining in with #dailysnappers.

 I am not sure how I will keep up to date this year but I will make a more conscious effort to do so. 

This year will hopefully be about learning to enjoy life, to accept and embrace any challenges, to know when to ask for help and when to try and work things out on my own. 

A very happy new year to everyone. Herd is to new beginnings, hope and adventure.