Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 228 - 234

Im on a massive catch up blogging spree again... i just cant find the enthusiasm to blog, but then, i generally hate writing things down. even when i still used to scrapbook, i used to put down date/place and maybe a sentence or two about the occasion/visit, but i always hated more personal journaling. There is something very scary and permanent about writing things down, even more so than saying them out loud. Its almost like giving thoughts substance and i really dont like doing that. And i guess the lesson i learnt not so long ago is still somewhat fresh in my memory and i am now worried to put too much of myself on here.


My hair is never straight without using these:


I came up with this quick, no bake surprise recipe just so i could take a photo of something square.


I found this little guy hitchiking on the side of the car.


My birthday cake.


Ds1's attempt at making me a frosted cake, it ended up just with a dusting of icing sugar and as flat as two pancakes, but was still yummy


A puzzle dd and i quickly put together for this word. I guess it could also count as a star.


Sorry, the best i could come up with: my entry in a CJ...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 222 - 227

It seems to have been ages since i blogged any of my photos.. i am still enjoying the freedom that the holidays give us. we had some rocky days, but mostly, we have enjoyed these holidays! We even managed two trips to the seaside! I didnt manage to snap any super clever or interesting photos, but at least there is one photo for each day!


Surely the olympic run of word prompts is coming to an end now?? i hope so as im finding it increasingly difficult to come up with relevant (even remotely) photos for these words. This is a quick photo i took earlier when we were in town, it is a big memorial to some woman or other.. with hindsight, i should at least have stopped long enough to read the plaque that goes with it. I saw the word "bronze" and got so excited, i missed the rest of it. Other than that this bronze statue was put up in 1956 as a replacement for a badly damaged likeness dating from 1885.


I actually changed my mind about which photo to choose quite a few times.. in the end i narrowed it down to these two. The first one shows little silver tags that are attached to the colourful glass orbs in our Galileo Liquid Themometer.. i dont think its very accurate, but it sure looks pretty! The next photo i took later on in the afternoon to remind myself that every cloud has a silver lining!


Sorry, this is a really lazy interpretation and the first one that popped up... the golden arches of a well known fast food restaurant!


I suppose i could say that ive exhausted my imagination with these sporty prompts :D and today is a complete cheat! or at least it will take a very long stretch to get the connection.. we took the dks to see the closing ceremony at the local vue cinema... here is a quick snap of them towards the end, when cj's attention and patience had been pushed way past exhaustion, and the other two were starting to get tired as well.


The girls were trying to build a higher castle than the boys at the beach today!


As someone who is dyslexic, analog clocks have always defeated me! Dh bought me this cute thing in an attempt to help me with my determination to master these pesky watches and time tellers! The great thing about this watch is that it not only says "hour" and "minutes" but also shows "to" and "past".

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 219 - 221


Oh boy, i am starting to look forward to the Olympics being over and done with now :D especially as this latest set of prompts has me totally confused and at a loss. I dont really subscribe to things like hope, faith and luck and all that. DH thinks it's not healthy to not have hope, but tbh i dont feel any unhealthier for not believing in it... oh well i guess. To capture something as alien as that on camera poses an interesting challenge though.. until favourite photo subject NO 1 makes an appearance and looks at me expectantly and with huge HOPE in his eyes that i would kick the ball!


The one thing that has brought relief to all of us at one point or another is MR BUMP Especially ds1 has taken up a special liking to him since starting his catering course...


This is an emotion that probably every parent of one or more teens is very, very, very familiar with.. i know frustration often runs high in our household! even more so for those of us with asd, and the non asders when communication turns into a right oddball of events... ds1 gave me the perfect photo opportunity as he was getting more and more frustrated with his little sister today... dont worry, i diffused the situation as soon as i got "my shot"

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 218


With three sulky teenagers in the house one sometimes wonders if there will EVER be true happiness :D well, just to prove me wrong, dd rewarded me today by being an extremely happy teen! So i took the opportunity and snapped a "happy moment" for her...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 216 - 217


Oh dear, just when i thought things were going to get easier with the photo challenge, Suzie throws emotions (of all things) at me. I struggle with all things emotion, as someone with quite a big touch of autism, i find all kinds of emotion confusing and somewhat uncomfortable to deal with. So, i turned to the one family member who has NO problem at all to experience exhuberant JOY at the smallest of things! Animals seem to be so much happier and willing to go with the feeling than humans... just giving Cooper a little milky bone makes his eyes brim over with joy and expectation.


Anger... that is NOT a safe emotion, something we have experienced to excess in the past. The past still makes us all angry, but i try to suppress anger as much as possible. Anger confuses me, makes me feel uncomfortable and scared.. so i do my level best to not make people angry with me. When i do get angry, i tend to take myself away and deal with it in solitude.. writing down what makes me angry and then scrunching up the paper seems to be helping me deal with it better.. so, here is my scrunched up anger.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 214 - 215


I learnt the hard way that it is much faster to sew by machine than hand... i am not very good at it yet, but i am told that practice makes perfect, so i will practice some more and then some more. I am moving on from simple shaped shopping bags now though...


This prompt had me pondering a lot today... what actually IS the point? i came to the conclusion that there IS no point... got ds2 involved again, he is doing the pointing to no particular point, in fact, if you look closely there is NO point he is pointing at.