Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20 Sign

I had originally hoped for a different kind of "sign", but this situation i found myself in a little while ago screamed SIGN at me. I am trying to follow the decluttering challenge this year and my panic about my parents in law coming in romorrow has me cleaning and tidying in a frenzy. When i looked into the kitchen from the living room i was greeted with this right chaos. I started decluttering the drawers, realised there were so many little things to sort, i thought i'd have a break and start the dishes. I then saw how full the bin was, took that out and, when i came back, noticed the mess in cooper's box. Ok while i'm here i may as well sort this out... Only i didn't realise that someone had put a bag full of veggies in there MONTHS ago. Yup, the bag split dripping veggy goo all over the floor. Sigh, ok retrieve mop and clean, but wait i may as well sweep up and do the entire floor, so off i go to get the broom. On my return i notice that the washing machine is finished, of course ill just quickly see to that. When i go to take the washing out i run into cooper's box. Ohhh i forgot i was clearing THAT out. So ive been working all morning and have achieved nothing. This is clearly a sign that i suffer from some sort of ADHD when it comes to housework.


  1. Poor little you, Nicky. Take a deep breath and one at a time, xx

  2. lol, sounds like my kind of approach to housework! You'll get there in the end :)

  3. Well, *sigh* this is so my life :) lol.