Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 - Fluffy

Ahhh today was a nice easy word :) fluffy i can do.. its just a matter of choosing which fluffy i put on here! We don't only own exotic and weird pets, we also have a couple of garden variety ones, youve already met Cooper, Becks and Holly so, today i think it is going to be Rob's and Petal's turn. Rob is a proper "O'Malley", he is strictly speaking not ours, he came with the house as it were... we tried to reunite him with his previous owners, but neither Rob nor the owners were too keen on THAT particular idea, so it was decided that it was probably best for all parties, that he comes and lives with us. He shows up on the dot every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and generally hangs out with us on the dark, dreary wet and cold days. In the summer we find him hitting around the neighbourhood, chatting up the ladies before heading for his self declared home. Here he is in all his ugly but charming glory, having a well deserved nap after his latest adventure out in the wide world.

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