Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 42 - Portrait

Today's prompt really only left me with one option, being that the two boys are "at that age" and hide whenever a camera is pointed their way and dh's reaction is pretty much the same.. so that leaves my ever willing DD to pose for a photo. We had quite a giggle this morning, me snapping away and trying to get "the shot" of her and it actually didnt happen until the camera battery gave up on us and i had to switch to my iphone! so, with all those carefully posed photos, i ended up choosing a quick snapshot i took of her when she was sitting across from me. I quite liked the slightly out of focus look on this photo, it gives it a dreamy, girly quality.. i was tempted to throw a bunch of filters at it, but decided that just a small adjustment of the hue was the best way to go with this one. And, just before i go, a big thank you to all of you who left such kind comments on yesterday's photo! i must admit, that it gave my quickly disappearing self confidence a huge boost..