Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 50 -Fashion

Look at us... we have all managed to stick with the challenge for FIFTY whole days!! Now that is something to celebrate! Dont worry, no deep dark secrets to be had from me today :) just a straight forward photo to the word prompt "fashion"...

Fashion and me are really two worlds colliding, always have been, always will be. I have always been opposed to fashion fads, and rather did my own thing (much to the dismay of my poor mother who had to put up with a goth).. the only time i insist on being in with the "hip and trendy crowd" is where my gizmos and gadgets are concerned! i cannot stand not having the latest, fastest, shiniest electronic thing, where my wardrobe is concerned however, not a single solitary fashionable thing to be found.

I do however love Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis (almost as much as apple)... and it seems that even almost 200 years later these fabulous items of clothing will not be relegated to being "unfashionable".. yup, i live in them, they are comfortable, hardwearing, survived toddlers, tweens, teens and puppies... they forgive the fact that your tshirt may not necessarily colour match, they make you forget you are even dressed and good to just run out of the door! so, here is a small sample of my beloved JEANS