Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 52 - Sky High

Now i must admit i was intrigued by this word, and had quite a few ideas.. one being a rather wishful remembrance from my uni days, where many a weekend we could best be described as being skyhigh :D

We have lots of trees around us, especially along the canals and in the urban forest, so my initial thought was to catch a beautiful BIG birds nest we see every morning on the school run, but, as usual, the day had a different idea and i think i would have caused some serious road rage had i stopped to take a photo of a tree... maybe we need some kind of sticker or badge "caution vehicle may stop unannounced serious 365+1 addict on board" or some such thing..

Anyway, with that idea also squashed, i contemplated some other possibilities.... like conquering my total fear of heights and climbing up on the step ladder to take a photo, but i figured that to most people that would not necessarily classify as SKY high.. high but not quite THAT high... so, back to square one...

With all the little people back at school and the dear husband in a "funny" mood, i was on my own with this one.. and stayed that way only dear son 2 came to the rescue late in the afternoon. And what a fun couple of hours our skyhigh adventure turned out to be!!!!! On the way into town, i spotted the art gallery as a possible subject for skyhigh.. i must admit, ive walked past it plenty of times, but never set foot in it.. we were discussing the "skyhigh" prompt and dear son 2 says.. "Oh you know you can go out right on the top of the gallery" ummm cool, but ME being up SKY high?? this child is as scared of anything higher than platform shoes than i am, and hed been to the top of the building... in an elevator (that has windows that nobody mentioned to me until it was too late) lets just say, our trip to the art gallery turned into a white knuckle ride for me... fortunately the elevator doesnt mess about and zips you up there quicker than any camera lense can take a shot!! I must admit, i stayed firmly behind 6" thick security glass and did not venture out onto the balcony (which looked far too dodgy if you ask me) but we got a beautiful look across town! We took the tamer flights of stairs on our way down and explored the different levels a bit more.. what a giggle we had, greeted witn quite a few "ssshhhs" and "tsks" and funny looks until the "helpful" security guard thought we were lost and kindly showed us the stairs :D

Here is how SKY high we were today: