Thursday, 23 February 2012

Day 54 - In the detail

Today's word should have been an easy one for me.. as i am apparently a "stickler for details", i wouldnt say so i just like things to be done PROPERLY first time round and that usually entails paying attention to detail.

I can also get myself all hung up in the details... forget the big picture, if theres a tiny something that is not quite SO, i can get utterly upset. It is somewhat ridiculous at times, but what can i say, thats just me.

Despite all this experience "in the details" department, i could not think of anything worth while taking a photo of though, until i had one of my AHA moments (you are all getting used to those by now, right?) and i found one area, where my attention to detail is rather lacking. I have a tendency to take things apart, pc cases, laptops, tvs, radios, bascially anything and everything thats got a screw does get unscrewed at some point in its lifetime... and i learnt something during those processes!!! The manufacturers use way more tiny little screws than the device actually NEEDS.. i have in the past considered bundling up all the spare parts that are not essential to the running of a gadget and ask for a partial refund! As a result, we have accumulated quite a collection of teeny tiny screws and washers and plugs and wotnots. Here is a small sample of the redundant metal bits: