Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 117 - Tradition

Thinking of this, we actually have a LOT of traditions, some that we have kept from when the children were little and important to them for all manner of reasons and quite a few "new" ones for our new family. A lot of our traditions revolve around the important "holidays" such as Easter, birthdays, christmas, New Year's, then there is our "becoming a family" tradition (we each send a special wish with a chinese lantern up to heaven)... One tradition however belongs just to me, and as our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday, it fits the prompt today. I must admit, i am not a romantic at all (dh is however, bless him) so the whole anniversary thing is a much bigger deal to him than it is to me... since our wedding, dh has bought me flowers to replace the ones in my wedding "bouquet".. it was actually a little wire purse filled with 2 roses and some giant daisies.. and i do keep the blooms and dry them..