Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 119 - Handmade

I am playing catch up again... but i did take my photos! And i have a very valid reason for being late... it was our wedding anniversary on Saturday (today) and we spend a nice together. In the evening we went out for a nice meal at a new local restaurant that serves meals from 10 countries, we had gone in there with the intention of sampling EVERY dish there was, but we both gave up after our third plate as we were feeling overstuffed and quite sick by then. We both agreed that it wasnt the most romantic of places (so it suited me just fine, but dh had hoped for a candle lit affair), but it certainly made for it with the choices of foods and desserts available. There were lots and lots of cooks behind the stations, preparing the food for you right there and then. So, for my handmade, i chose to take photos of the dishes just made for us!