Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 122 - grungy

I am still playing catchup... lots is happening here, in fact so much, it is starting to scare me! Im glad we have the long weekend to look forward to so i can recharge a little bit! But before then we have still 2 days packed with appointments and lots of running around and trying to be in three places at once. Grungy was an easy word for me, i do grungy extremely well :) in all interpretations of the word! I like the grungy gravelly indie sounds, i usually look rather grungy in my comfort clothes, the house is in a despicable grungy state most of the time because i never get round to finishing all the 1000 things i need to be doing. I took my first photo with my shiny new iphone4... of my most comfortable, worn in, grungy trainers!

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