Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 124 - Beautiful

I am seriously starting to embrace the fact that i must be different! every time suzie says "an easy one today" it turns out to be HARD.. and every time it supposedly is a "tricky word" it just clicks into place for me. beautiful is another one of those a million and two possible choices words! 124 days into the challenge and i still cannot make decisions! its been tipping down ALL day, i have been running around like a headless chicken (where does that saying come from? headless chickens surely dont run very far or fast for that matter? maybe twitch a little before their head catches up with the fact that it has lost its body, but running without a head?), ferrying the kids from one appointment to another, while picking up or dropping off one or the other two... to find that the town center was evacuated due to a major bomb threat. Needless to say, the photos of the beautiful things i took didnt turn out too beautiful.. so i am going to use an older photo that i didnt even take. Still, it takes my breath away... and many people have since commented on "how beautiful she is"... and i truly am stunned whenever i look at this photo! how did that little "scrap of humanity" (as an elderly lady unasked for described my beautiful baby girl) into a stunning young lady... where did all that time go? hard to believe that she is "only" twelve when you look at this shot of her!