Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 129 - Prickly

Haha... NICE try!!!!!! but i still managed to get around the word :P When the family asked, with baited breath, what the word for the day is, i innocently answered "prickly" and they ALL burst out laughing! i mean every single one of them, even the dog was smirking... my even more innocent question of "what" was answered with yet more hilarity from all quarters and the suggestion i just put a photo of MYSELF up for today. Well, ok i may at times be prickly, thats why my dad used to say "its the inside of the hedgehog that matters", but really? thats the best they could do for a serious photography challenge? I of course ignored the ruccus and went in search of my own prickly! But soon had to realise that we didnt have many prickly things (apart from myself) lying around and, as it was chucking down with rain, a traipse outside was not on the top of my agenda. It was when i decided to play around with my new little macro lens and looked at my harmless tomato plants that i noticed the prickly spikes all over the stems!! Im sure my little plants feel all big and scary, so i didnt mention that it took a magnifying glass to see their defenses!

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