Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 135 - Day 142 Playing catch up again

So, ive been good at taking my photos, but bad at keeping my posts up to date, so i gather i should start catching up again. Here we go:

Day 142 - Ornament
An easy one for me :) although i hate the dust gatherers, i seem to have collected quite a few new knick knacks over the last three years. I love dragons, elephants and frogs, so whenever the df see one of those, they pick it up for me. I chose my current favourite.. my little frog. He had miraculously disappeared a couple of months ago and everyone pleaded ignorance! No surprise there. I did find Kermit in the most unlikely place and in a very poor condition the other day! Dh had apparently knocked him off his pedestal one night and hurriedly cleared the crime scene with the intention of covering up the murder at a later date! Poor Kermit was broken into 8 pieces, it took quite some patience to bring him back to life, but my Prince Charming once again sits in his rightful place.

Day 141 - Minimalist

This word actually gave me quite a headache.. although i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a minimalist environment, the df have a different viewpoint and seem to enjoy cluttering up any and all nooks and crannies in the house! It drives me insane, i LIKE clean, tidy and no frills and fuss.. i was stuck with this word as i did not want to copy some of the ideas on the blog, i wanted something that was "me". I then remembered my tiny little lucky bamboo charm dh bought me some time back. It is quite minimalistic all on its own in its' little capsule.
Day 140 - Group
I knew which little group to choose for my photo straight away! I love my Mummy elephant with the babies in tow!
Day 139 - Interior
What an interesting word! And so many different ways to interpret. Unfortunately, i found one of my tropical snailies dead in its' house today, so i took a photo of the interior of his now vacant house...
Day 138 - Flower

Day 137 - Candid

My df gave me quite the run around to get a "candid" photo... not even the dog was in the mood to play today. So i sneaked a quick snapshot of DH...

Day 136 - Portrait of a Stranger

I have NO idea who this bloke is

Day 135 - Faceless Portrait

I could have taken so many photos for this prompt! But i settled for this one.. a bag of Pick'nMix, no its not me ;)