Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 216 - 217


Oh dear, just when i thought things were going to get easier with the photo challenge, Suzie throws emotions (of all things) at me. I struggle with all things emotion, as someone with quite a big touch of autism, i find all kinds of emotion confusing and somewhat uncomfortable to deal with. So, i turned to the one family member who has NO problem at all to experience exhuberant JOY at the smallest of things! Animals seem to be so much happier and willing to go with the feeling than humans... just giving Cooper a little milky bone makes his eyes brim over with joy and expectation.


Anger... that is NOT a safe emotion, something we have experienced to excess in the past. The past still makes us all angry, but i try to suppress anger as much as possible. Anger confuses me, makes me feel uncomfortable and scared.. so i do my level best to not make people angry with me. When i do get angry, i tend to take myself away and deal with it in solitude.. writing down what makes me angry and then scrunching up the paper seems to be helping me deal with it better.. so, here is my scrunched up anger.


  1. Beautiful Coopy and a very interesting take on anger. Well done ! xxx

  2. I think you have a great way with words and I hope that sharin these with us helps you too.. x

  3. good idea to scruch up anger. a lovely picture of cooper.