Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 219 - 221


Oh boy, i am starting to look forward to the Olympics being over and done with now :D especially as this latest set of prompts has me totally confused and at a loss. I dont really subscribe to things like hope, faith and luck and all that. DH thinks it's not healthy to not have hope, but tbh i dont feel any unhealthier for not believing in it... oh well i guess. To capture something as alien as that on camera poses an interesting challenge though.. until favourite photo subject NO 1 makes an appearance and looks at me expectantly and with huge HOPE in his eyes that i would kick the ball!


The one thing that has brought relief to all of us at one point or another is MR BUMP Especially ds1 has taken up a special liking to him since starting his catering course...


This is an emotion that probably every parent of one or more teens is very, very, very familiar with.. i know frustration often runs high in our household! even more so for those of us with asd, and the non asders when communication turns into a right oddball of events... ds1 gave me the perfect photo opportunity as he was getting more and more frustrated with his little sister today... dont worry, i diffused the situation as soon as i got "my shot"


  1. Nice pictures Nicky. I must say I find that taking all these emotions photos is a bit overwhelming me too by now ! xxx

  2. great photos, I hope the ball was kicked :) and I can only imagine frustrations and teenagers...I have that joy to come :)

  3. Dogs certainly do have that hopeful look.