Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 228 - 234

Im on a massive catch up blogging spree again... i just cant find the enthusiasm to blog, but then, i generally hate writing things down. even when i still used to scrapbook, i used to put down date/place and maybe a sentence or two about the occasion/visit, but i always hated more personal journaling. There is something very scary and permanent about writing things down, even more so than saying them out loud. Its almost like giving thoughts substance and i really dont like doing that. And i guess the lesson i learnt not so long ago is still somewhat fresh in my memory and i am now worried to put too much of myself on here.


My hair is never straight without using these:


I came up with this quick, no bake surprise recipe just so i could take a photo of something square.


I found this little guy hitchiking on the side of the car.


My birthday cake.


Ds1's attempt at making me a frosted cake, it ended up just with a dusting of icing sugar and as flat as two pancakes, but was still yummy


A puzzle dd and i quickly put together for this word. I guess it could also count as a star.


Sorry, the best i could come up with: my entry in a CJ...

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  1. well done on the catch up and a belated 'Happy Birthday', hope you had a lovely day. Strange creature on your car- wonder what it was...and a great idea for teamwork, love your layout for the CJ.