Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 287 - 288

Street Scene

Oh goodness, this caused me actual pain to take, so i waited until clearing up time before venturing to the bottom of the high street and catching the market traders packing up their stalls. I cant wait to get words again that i can take from the comfort of my own home :)


Phew, this one was an easier one :) i only had to walk across the road to snap a photo of our victorian terraced houses. One nice thing about these old type of buildings are the still preserved original features, especially the chimneys.

Work is still going like mad here, trying to get all the jobs done before mother's arrival. I have lost heart and just know it wont all be ready, leaving me wide open for criticism. I dont even understand this need to "see" people... we talk on the phone several times a week, why is it so important to "see" me? im just a lot older, fatter and uglier than i was when you last saw me 10 yrs ago.. it is so frustrating! i feel so embarrassed about myself as it is, so to have to be on show and dressed up at ALL times and hair done, makeup done every day, it just is not me.. the pressure of this visit is definitely taking its toll on me... plus i will be expected to "go places", i dont like being outside, i dont like being away from my home.. its just not something i like to do... im just so frustrated with everything at the moment...