Sunday, 9 February 2014

Day 40 - Relax

The longer this year is going on, the more befuddled I am by my own word prompts... relaxing is not something I was ever any good at in the first place, I vaguely remember putting that on a "resolution list" last year for 2014. There is something very unnerving about relaxing for me, I don't do well letting my guard down. This weekend has proven a prime example of how dangerous it is for me to not be "on guard" at all times. The four legged occupants of this household manage to relax quite well :) 
I really did not get around to taking a photo of anything to do with relaxing, so I scribbled my view on relaxation down:

And to top an already horrible weekend off in style, some little thugs decided it would be fun to smash the windows in our car. I haven't even managed to clean it or do anything other than put some liner over the hole. Honestly, I don't even have the energy to be upset about it anymore. Insurance won't cover it as the excess is more than the repairs would cost and, as it isn't the main or rear windscreen, the glass isn't covered. It is not worth losing the no claims bonus for £19.60 ... 

Lucky7s Print or Digital was an easy one.. since leaving my old home and all my beloved books behind, I have not been able to read real books, my kindle and ipad are a lifesaver as i can read those without major flashbacks and panic attacks. They have given me a hidden world back that I had thought was lost forever. As for newspapers, I was never a great fan of those unwieldy, huge paper sizes but couldn't bring myself to read the "red tops", so I have always read the digital versions of newspapers and mostly of magazines too. The only time you will find me pick up a magazine is if there is a freebie on the front that i want.

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  1. I'm very sorry for the broken glass.
    Excellent for day 40!