Sunday 24 April 2016

Flowers For The Dead - A TBC Review

Flowers For The Dead

by Barbara Copperwaithe

Utterly twisted, satisfyingly shocking and brilliantly clever... those are first descriptions that came to my mind when I had finished Flowers For The Dead. 

To come across something unique in a genre that is so massively popular is always a special treat. In this book, Barbara Copperthwaite achieves this feat, she creates a new dimension to a classic theme. 

We all have read the books with the notorious serial killer, are filled with glee when our favourite DCI or even PI nails them and they are locked up for good. In Flowers For The Dead, be prepared to not feel this kind of triumph.

Adam is a guy with a big heart, when he loves, he gives his chosen his all. He showers her in gifts, looks after and makes her feel cherished, in summary, the perfect guy. His chosen, however, does not usually reciprocate in kind, which leaves Adam no choice but to kill her with kindness, literally. 
The book follows Adam on his latest love conquest, we meet Laura and get to know in chilling detail, how thorough Adam's attraction is and to what lengths he is prepared to go for his love. 

I felt outraged, mystified, shocked and felt a sympathy while getting to know Adam, the most likeable serial killer you will ever meet. 

Be prepared for the unexpected with this book. It is definitely a 5* read, it delivers on all aspects. 

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