Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 18


So... i was asked by my cyberfriend Anne to put my daily photos onto a blog... ive never done much with this space, so i guess documenting my 2012 photo challenge is as good a reason as any to fill it up.

I have taken a photo every day so far, but i dont think i will bother to go all the way back to the first, i have those on my iphone in the fabulous 365 app.. maybe ill put a monthly overview on here.

Anyway, today's word is "pleasurable"... something i kind of struggled with for various reasons. For quite some time, ive not been in the happiest of places mentally, and somehow i feel like i overindulge if i enjoy anything. I feel guilty about saying out loud, or even just to myself, i quite liked doing that. Somehow it feels like i dont deserve the little pleasures life brings, but today all that changed! I took a deep breath, grabbed a cuppa and my beloved viewpad and it struck me that i DO enjoy some things and that i DO deserve them too. I do not have to worry about what ifs and maybes and what tomorrow may bring ALL the time, i am allowed to take down time and ENJOY MYSELF.

My photo shows my favourite blanket and pillow, my favourite mug filled with coffee, my ereader and my crochet hook and wool. I should have put my camera in there as well, but i was using it :D