Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 19 - Bad for you

Now i know im probably outing myself with today's photo but this is the biggest bad thing for me ever. Please do not leave long lectures for me, i know it's bad for me and so on and forth. Those of you who know more about me may be more lenient and understanding. And for the record, quitting once and for all is on my
2012 to do list.


  1. Ooh very naughty but then you know that lol

  2. Brave of you to show this ~ good luck with stopping.

  3. Yes very brave of you to be this honest. I might not smoke but I know how difficult it is to give up chocolate so good luck.

  4. Good luck with stopping! :) Oh and I finally got linked to your blog! Your photos have just been coming up as just a photo when I click on them ... probably Blogger being silly!

  5. Nicky, what matters are not the bad things we do but our recognition that they are bad and our willingness to change them.
    I battled with smoking addiction all my life but I am happy to say I managed to quit in September 2003 and never looked back.
    When it will be the right time for you, you will be ready. xx