Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 - Collection

I have quite a few collections... but i decided to show off my newly organised and neatly sorted collection
of STASH! I just need to get round to using some of it now... to think that I had nothing crafty when we came here, I have done quite well in rebuilding it all...

I was tempted to just take a photo of my external harddrive, the one that holds my terrabyte worth of digital stash, but i figured that you guys would find it far more interesting to take a peek inside my crafty corner. So, here you are.. my craft collection (oh and the rubbles' house)


  1. That looks really good Nicky. I couldn't dream taking a picture of mine currently, too messy !!!

  2. One becomes deeply depressed seeing stash organized so neatly. Could you lend me some of your talent / genes or whatever? Your corner is wonderful.

  3. Nice job, wonder how long it will stay like that?

  4. So wonderfully tidy. will you come and organise mine.