Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31 - Wheel

Wow... it is hard to believe that today is the last day of January already! I am quite chuffed with myself, in past years, i had already lost interest in the challenge by now! This year, I can proudly present at least ONE photo for every day! Thank you to Suzie for providing me with an inspirational word every morning, and encouraging me to carry on taking photos and (even more shockingly for me) sharing them as well!

So, today's word is WHEEL.. i wanted to do something really, really clever and artistic for this one, unfortunately i don't seem to be anywhere near as creative as i had hoped.. i dismissed the most obvious choices as "cheating", i mean sure, i could take a photo of our new (to us) car, or even just one of its wheels, or the steering wheel, even the spare wheel entered my mind at one stage (and was just as quickly pushed aside).. next i was going dismantle some clocks.. perfect right? i mean wheels of time turning and all that, a whole new artistic MEANING. To my utter dismay i had to find out that modern clocks do not have the fascinating interiors and workings one would expect... one tiny little wheel (i may yet take a photo of it just to show my disappointment when this most excellent idea fell through).. Next up in line were the old car toys we managed to rescue when we came up here, but those looked a bit naff as well... so i have been spending the morning scouring the house for WHEELS... not as easy as i thought at first and quite hard to be fancy and artistic with.

I finally spotted one wheel i use so often, i had never even noticed it was there... ill make a game of it.. see if you can figure out what it is by just looking at the wheel :) i will come back later tonight and put the entire picture up!