Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Looking back at January

As i said earlier on, it's hard to believe that we are already through January... time really does seem to pass faster as we get older! I remember when i was little, January was the worst month of the year.. there was absolutely nothing to do, no new toys were to be had as i had gotten all i asked for at christmas, ok we were lucky in Germany in that we always had tons of snow (for you british girls.. thats fluffy white stuff that normally arrives on this beautiful island around about easter time) so there was plenty of outside play, but other than that, January was always a very slow, dreary, horrible kind of month.

I have outdone myself this year though! If 2012 carries on like this, I will not be complaining and will put it down as a GOOD year (i hope i have not jinxed it now)! I have stuck with the photo a day challenge, i have stuck with my decluttering challenge and i even made a start on my project life book for this year! Even a month ago i would not have put the next photo out here for you all to see, but i am so proud of my neat, decluttered, organised kitchen and crafty corner... i just need to show you all! You never know, i may overcome my CHAOS (a very serious, recognised mental condition also known as "cant have anyone over syndrome") and not feel embarrassed to let visitors into my house.

Feel free to tell me what a great job ive done :D :D

And just for fun, here is an entire review of January's pictures....