Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 32 - Accessory

So, here we are in February... whatever happened to January?? It is sooo cold here today, and apparently its set to get colder still at the weekend... i wouldnt mind so much if we had some lovely fluffy snow to go with the cold, but no such luck.

Anyway, today's word prompt is Accessory... this was a relatively easy one for me :) i say relative, because i still had to make a choice between my favourite gadget accessory or my favourite personal one.. the personal won out in the end, as i want to document some things about "ME" for the kids to look back on.

I only wear one piece of jewellery that has not left me since the day it was put on me.. i dont often wear jewellery, i find it gets in the way and i worry terribly that i might lose a valuable item, so it just adds stress for me. It is usually only for special occasions and nights out that i will put on more than this one thing. But my wedding band has not left my hand since the day my husband put on my finger (ok, once when we had had a spat.. but it was so horrible not having it, i had to put it back on).. we chose very plain, simple gold bands. My mum has saved my dad's wedding rings (yes, he had two) and we are hoping to have those made into wedding rings for us eventually.. but i may just be a touch too attached to my original wedding ring to want to swap it for another. So, here it is.. my wedding band, plain and simple, no diamonds or sparkly bits... just a perfect circle with no beginning and no end.. like my love for my husband.