Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another day 44 - Friendship

I blame it on the fact that i'm dyslexic!!! I seem to somehow have raced a day ahead of everyone else and now have TWO day 44s.. does that make this a 365+1+1 challenge for me???
Today was quite a fun word... at first i complained to my long suffering husband that i do not have ANY friends! I have to admit though that that is entirely my own fault, it is not for lack of invitations and others making an effort to coax me out of my house, it is my painful shyness that makes me come up with a million and twentytwo reasons why i can't possibly meet up with someone or have them over to my house (but thats my CHAOS and a whole different can of worms) or go to their houses. But, give me a computer or my iphone and i have a whole bunch of lovely friends right at my fingertips. I have "met" so many wonderful and supportive friends, complete strangers who were willing to give me a chance, to accept me for who i am.. a neurotic, chaotic, shy but loyal creature. Lisa and Anne88 are two very special people in my life right now, both of them have given me so much of their time, advice and friendship.. my life really would be emptier without them. And then there is the rest of you, who come over here day after day to leave nice comments, encourage me and are genuinely nice to me, without any strings attached.. just because you are all wonderful, giving people. I have reconnected with some of you I had lost touch with, that is another great thing about this challenge!! Maybe old friendships can be renewed... either way, i am thankful to have all f you as my FRIENDS and thank you for your FRIENDSHIP. Originally I was going to make a cloud with all your usernames on... but i was worried i might forget or overlook someone.. so i chose my 2 favourite subjects yet again for today's photo.. I had secretly been hoping of a shot with all three of my delightful children together.. but that was pushing the envelope a little too far and the war that followed my suggestion just had me throw up the white flag and dig out the blue helmet and flak jacket. Natty and Cooper however, are always happy to oblige and since we have taught him to "give a kiss" he is more than eager to show off his latest command. Tap your finger to your nose and say... "give me a kiss" and coopy will jump up and rub his nose against yours.. its quite sweet actually. Though at first it caused a lot of giggling when he took the "kiss" bit a little too literally :D but Natty is not afraid of a few germs so no harm was done.