Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 45 - candle

ok, so suzie says it's day 46 but i counted 45 so i am making it no. 45... Today is Valentine's day.. and really i should be on the sofa being all loved up and romantic with my husband, instead i find myself sneaking on here to add my daily entry. I had some lovely gifts today... TWO different perfumes (beyond paradise by estee lauder and safari by ralph lauren), the customary single red rose and the cutest card ever!!! you press a button and the stars in the sky twinkly.. i must try and get a picture and show you girls!!! i did get quite a nice shot of my rose though
I could really only think of one important picture of a candle, but i took it on the 3rd of may last year, to mark the anniversary of the loss of our baby... i dont mean to make any of you sad, and i have not shared this with anybody openly but it somehow feels right to include this photo in my 2012 journal. The day will come again this year, we will again remember the baby who never got to stay with us. So, im sharing my layout for baby leon with you all.
And for those of you who cant read the tiny print, the words to go with the candle are: What kind of place would heaven be with all its streets of gold, if all the souls, that dwell up there like yours and mine were old? How strange would heaven’s music sound when harps begin to ring, if children were not gathered round to help the angels sing. The children that God sends to us are only just a loan, He knows we need their sunshine to make the house a home. We need the inspiration of a baby’s blessed smile, He doesn’t say they’ve come to stay, just lends them for awhile. Sometimes it takes them years to do the work for which they come. Sometimes in just a month or tow our Father calls them home. I like to think some souls up there bear not one sinful scar. I love to think of heaven as a place where children are.