Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 56 - Saturday

I have patiently waited for the inevitable rain up until now, but so far, we are blessed with clear blue skies and not a cloud (let alone a rain cloud) in sight, so i had to resort to the other choice word: SATURDAY

Ahhh the weekend, a double edged sword in this house... i like the lie ins, i like the being lazy, i even like having the kids around, mostly at least. The problem with the weekend starts the minute no1 daughter gets bored and goes on a mission to find entertainment, this entertainment usually involves some kind of warfare. Other kids play sports, play on their games consoles, read, draw or do any other of 1000 hobbies... no1 daughter's hobby is to start fights! or so it seems, dh preempted today's boredom and took her for a quick trot around town and she came back quite tired and subdued, pretty much like Cooper, take him for a long gallop across the field and you get hours of peace out of him.

Anyway, while dh and no1 daughter trundled around town, i made our customary weekend muffins.. they normally last only about 5 minutes, but this weekend i went to town (well not really, just metaphorically) and made 3 different flavoured batches, chocolate, hazelnut/almond and plain vanilla! It should take my lot a little more than 5 minutes to devour all those!

We used to have ridiculously structured weekends, mainly dominated by no1 son's football matches, luckily he has lost all interest in playing the beautiful game and just watches it nowadays.