Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57 - Light

Oh my, today's word has caused me headaches and i almost flew into a full blown panic attack as i still hadnt taken my photo by 9pm!! Light... such a little word, so many opportunities, yet none struck me.

I suppose that stems from the fact that a few years ago i took a REALLY nice photo.. ill show you all in a bit, and i was trying to think of something equally brilliant.. alas that was not going to happen! The mood ive been in in the last few days can best be described as a "non mood" ... i havent been in the mood for anything, everything feels "wrong" and "off" and i just could not come up with anything that was worth taking pictures off. Until the lights went out! The kitchen fittings were my saviours.. they make a pretty pattern on the ceiling when they are turned on, so, encouraged by my first find, i went in search of other light sources in the house! I didnt even have to go too far.. the living room provided me with 2 lights, Leo's basking lamp and the newly aquired corner lamp.. and, as i took a photo of corner lamp 1, i felt it would only be fair to also feature corner lamp 2 (which used to be corner lamp 1 until i relocated it to the dining room to give Neppy some light)... so, here are my Lights