Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 144 - artificial

Another great word with many different interpretations! I almost took a photo of my artificial flowers, but im too proud of the real life growing ones that i seem to be keeping alive at the moment. If i were closer to my Mum, i would have taken a shot of my uncle's artificial leg :D or my mum's dentures :D alas, there's a good few hundred miles and a great big channel between them and me, so you are all spared my dark humour. So i had to look were artificial fit into our life, we try to stay away from all those horrid e numbers in foods, autism and artificial colouring dont work well together :) so i had to resort to my vice... Canderel! i hate proper sugar in my drinks, i cannot stand "full fat" anything, it has to be diet! and of course, my beloved coffee is no exception.. two sweeteners and milk, or black if i have a terrible headache or need to wake up sharpishly!


  1. Lol- I'm so the opposite- full fat everything and millions of calories sugar!!!!!!!!!!!! I do keep sweeteners in though!