Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 145 - 148

Catch up time AGAIN.. as always, i took the photos but couldnt be bothered to write a blog post...
Day 148 - Unfinished

I could have chosen a million and two photos for this prompt, the unfinished gardening, the unfinished ironing, the unfinished painting, the unfinished.. well you get the picture here. It gets me quite down at times and i get overwhelmed by all the half done jobs and then dont know where to begin, so get all panicky (especially when a visit looms). I would so love to have a finished, nice, always presentable house but i guess with my four plus all the animals, that will always be wishful thinking and probably bring me to an early grave. The most pressing unfinished at the moment are my mum's 80th birthday invitations.. initially she had given me quite some time to finish them off, then once she had decided which one she wanted, i was told she needed them by monday, so i had exactly 2 days to make 80 invitations, needless to say, i didnt get it all done in time.

Day 147 - Cleanliness

How i would LOVE to have a permanently clean house! i spend my days cleaning up after people and animals and never seem to make any headway.. it is quite embarrassing really! i envy those women who can manage to keep a proper, tidy, nice house.. my mum's house always used to be and still to this day is spotless. I hate housework, but i do it because i dream of having a beautiful, clean, tidy house one day. To make my cleaning a little more cheerful, i bought these scourers

Day 146 - boring

I don't to get bored quickly, there is always "something" i can find to amuse myself. One thing that does however bore me to the point of sleep (without fail) is TV! To think that we have 100s of tv channels and i still cant find anything i want to watch. I enjoy the odd episode of NCIS or Bones, but even those test my patience, especially with all the, often cringe worthy, adverts.

Day 145 - Soft


  1. The invitations look gorgeous and your mum looks lovely too. I had to make Guy's grandma's 90th invitations in a similar amount of time- the week we got Holly (who wanted to play all day!). I love those scourers too- could almost make the housework fun!

  2. Love your photos Nicky and yes the invitations surely are grogeous !

  3. beautiful invitations, the embossed butterflies are lovely. Gorgeous cat too.