Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 159 - Roadside

First of all i would like to say a big "Thank You" to all of you who come over to my blog every day and leave such nice comments for me. I dont leave very many comments, but i do shoot over to all your blogs and i look at all the photos! Its an area i need to work on, i need to remind myself how nice it feels to find so many positive comments on my own blog and then return the favour. A lot of the time its simply that im tired and just the thought of typing out a few quick words seems like a terribly hard task.. as my psychologist said, im so exhausted and tired that "can you make me a cup of tea" can tip me over the edge. I will try harder i promise.

Today was a really fun day for me... i have not seen dd smile SO much in what feels like forever! For her 13th birthday on the 2nd of june, i bought her a pamper day at a local salon (she was booked in for her first ever facial, a manicure and a cut/blow dry) and at first she looked a bit sceptical and i dont think she actually valued the present. Until today, when she got to experience the pamper sessions.. she smiled and beamed and her eyes had that special twinkle all afternoon. It was so nice to feel like the mum/daughter team we used to be!


Today's word was fairly easy for me.. though i had to wait until after finishing dd's pamper sessions and until i was on my way to wales to pick up the dh from my inlaw's house.. i am quite used to these roundtrips nowadays and just had a quick stop off to snap a photo for today's challenge. It was quite funny as some driver must have thought i was traffic control as he slammed on his breaks and slowed right down, just to look all puzzled and confused when he saw that i obviously wasnt a police errr person?? Anyway, here are my photos from the welsh roadside.


  1. great phtotos and sounds like a lovely birthday for your daughter.

  2. Congratulations to this collage of photos! One has the feeling that travels.
    I wish you success!

  3. A big round trip!!!!

    Your daughter does look lovely. Amy had a similar pressie off one of my sil's and absolutely loved the day.

  4. Glad Natty had a great time. It's nice to see them smile ! Love your roadsides !