Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 160 - Vintage

My initial thought to today's word was "not another self portrait!!!" and once i had gotten over my shock, i realised that we dont really have many other vintage things in the house. Just about the only truly vintage item i have is my engagement ring, it is 100+ years old and has been in dh's family ever since. As his older brother never got married, the ring came to me on our engagement. I do not wear it often as it is far too big for me and the jeweler did not want to size it as the risk of it breaking is too high. Besides, it has real diamonds in it, so i am always very nervous whenever i do wear it behind my wedding band.


  1. What a lovely ring to own- with a history of its own.

  2. That is a beautiful ring Nicky and what an honor that it is in DH's family since so long. xxx
    Another self portrait ? ROFL xxx