Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 172 - same difference

Hello everyone... it's Vlad with just a quick update! I followed all your good advice and, with the help from the other humans in the house, i "think" we have managed to get my human through the worst of this... there will be some tough times ahead, but i will probably not be around to let you all know, so i will tell what is going on while i am still the star of the blog! Today was actually an okish day, luckily my human still seems to be able to handle her spirits as she had no headache, but was rather tired, i soon remedied that by giving her a nice big mug of coffee. The getting her outside was a nogo but i recruited the favourite human and the DeeEss two (what strange names these people have)and they both came back with some of the shopping goodies mentioned by Kim!

While the favourite human and DeeEss 2 went out though, i helped my human to make a start on some cards! That got quite scary at one point as she was not concentrating and almost rollered me flat in a device referred to as a Big Shot.. i dont know why, cos it didnt shoot! And she certainly wasnt supervising me closely when i was helping out with a very sharp, pointy little knife thingy.

When my other humans returned home, they had a couple of goodies for her... one caused some upheaval, but i enjoyed the bite of a subway sandwich (ive never had one before) but the other two presents were a hit! I am told that on one day, my human showed off her rather "grungy" trainers.. and the favourite human went and splashed out on some very very funky British Knight ones! i tried them on for size, but i could use them as a mansion! The other funky present were yet more headphones (i am sure that my human has some kind of obsession with those things, but in her defence the pet called dog has a habit of chewing them if they are in reach).. these ones are bright purple and to go with the iphone 4s. The favourite human really is rather good at picking presents, i wish i could stay long enough to see what he would buy for me!

I promise i will be back tomorrow and tell you all about the nightmare weekend i had, all in order to try and cheer the human up.. and yes, i will also tell you all about that shark encounter! I even have photographic evidence of the cruel treatment i received! in the meantime... play that annoying "nahnahhhh nahnahhh" soundtrack from jaws in your head!