Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 171 - Same but def different

Girls.. vlad here.. i think i need your help! I am currently drowning myself in a bottle to stop my human from drowning herself in it!! now, this girl cannot handle her drink.. shes had 3 so far and at least she has stopped burrying me in tissues, but i think i may prefer that! although, this coconutty stuff IS quite nice *hicks* oooppss was that me?? I just KNOW that this will end in more tears, especially in the morning when my human will be all cranky and have a massive headache... should i just let her get on with for tonight? or down the bottle myself? or maybe i should recruit some help from my lazy brother Dimir (who is hiding around this place somewhere) I wish i could bring you all up to date with what a truly horrendous time i have had with this lot! i have read up on some of the unfortunate events my fellow masots have experienced.. all i have to say is... i have met the inside of an oven! the inside of a tumble dryer! and i have been subjected to a SHARK... yup you read that right.. a SHARK! anyway