Wednesday, 27 June 2012

day 174 - 179 another week gone by

I must admit that im starting to struggle with the challenge.. i still read the prompt and i still take my photo, but these last few days i have been wondering "WHY" and "what is the point?"

Maybe it is the fact that i cant be bothered to put in the time to blog about the photos, then dont get your encouraging input, so the whole process loses meaning..

Vlad has threatened to make a reappearance and he is in a huf with me because i never let him tell his story properly... i know the mascot challenge wasnt a big hit with some 365ers, but at the time i found it almost a relief to let "someone else" take over for a little bit...

Anyway, here are the photos i have taken although without too much enthusiasm, i dont even feel like writing much about them


Still Life