Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 180 - Its all down to me

You girls really are great! Thank you so much for your encouraging words yesterday, i am still not entirely sure "why" i carry on, but i do like the idea of maybe doing "something" with the photos... i guess my Project 365 app has made me lazy because i get a neatly arranged calendar page and a nice pdf document delivered to my many inboxes and virtual bookshelves..

anyway, today was a relative easy word for me... bearing in mind that our freak weather delivered a perfect photo opportunity! i got drenched in the seconds it took me take the photo... and vlad wanted to make a reappearance, however, that went awfully wrong. He had just gotten himself nicely positioned, when he was literally swept away by the current the rain created! I had a right dash down the road to rescue the poor little guy and he looked rather sorry for himself. Luckily he floats very well and apart from hurt pride should make a full recovery.

And with this im off as my home country are playing Italy tonight! It would be nice to see Germany go through as weve played excellent football.