Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 180 - Its all down to me

You girls really are great! Thank you so much for your encouraging words yesterday, i am still not entirely sure "why" i carry on, but i do like the idea of maybe doing "something" with the photos... i guess my Project 365 app has made me lazy because i get a neatly arranged calendar page and a nice pdf document delivered to my many inboxes and virtual bookshelves..

anyway, today was a relative easy word for me... bearing in mind that our freak weather delivered a perfect photo opportunity! i got drenched in the seconds it took me take the photo... and vlad wanted to make a reappearance, however, that went awfully wrong. He had just gotten himself nicely positioned, when he was literally swept away by the current the rain created! I had a right dash down the road to rescue the poor little guy and he looked rather sorry for himself. Luckily he floats very well and apart from hurt pride should make a full recovery.

And with this im off as my home country are playing Italy tonight! It would be nice to see Germany go through as weve played excellent football.


  1. enjoy watching football and hope you got dried out, its a lovely picture as well.

  2. Hope your match goes well!!

    I was out in that lovely weather earlier!

  3. Great shot, I won't tell you about our sunshine......oh :) xxx

  4. Sorry about the rain :(

    Glad we have encouraged you and hope your team is successful,... I don't follow footie or any sport and had hope once England were out that would be the end,...BUT DH watching the game tonight LOL!!

  5. Makes me sick that Italy goes through, lol. Sorry you have rain, it's brilliant here. xxx

  6. Sorry Germany didn't win tonight.
    Wow the rain is heavy there. we were lucky today it missed us

  7. "I love the rain! It only hides the tears ..."
    Fabulous picture!
    And love rain!