Sunday, 3 June 2012

Days 150 - 152 and a summary

Despite all my good intentions. here i am catching up on blog posts again! Taking the photo doesnt seem to pose a problem at all, then it comes to putting it here and i lose all enthusiasm.. still, i am determined to see this through this year!
May - an overview

I stil love my project 365 app for my iphone, though in past years it has never made it this far!

Day 152 - bargain

I dont really like shopping, so i dont usually come across any bargains as such! Dh is the one who will patiently hunt around different shops to find a bargain, i subscribed to the "get in, grab what you need and get out" philosophy, so another area in our house where dh and i seem to work in role reversal. However, i did enjoy picking out some flowers for our hanging basket the other day and commented how we should have gotten two. So, imagine my face when i went outside to pick up the kids from school and found a second basket of flowers had miraculously appeared outside our front door. It was quite a mystery to begin with as we hadnt bought it! It wasnt until later that i considered the possibility that it was one of our neighbours, and sure enough, he had seen me tend to the front flowers a few days before and thought i would enjoy these flowers.

Day 151 - groceries

One chore i absolutely detest and try to get out of wherever and whenever possible is grocery shopping. I can usually be spotted in the car park awaiting dh's return with a jam packed trolley, doing a crossword, playing on my iphone or reading an ebook. I have NOT got the patience for shopping, you take the stuff off the shelves to put it into your trolley, then you take it OUT of the trolley to put it through the tills, you put it back IN the trolley, to get it back OUT of the trolley to put it in the car, to take it out yet again to put it away at home! i HATE it, whenever im in charge of shopping its done online, with a delivery slot! And what is it with the stuff never fitting back into the trolleys at the check out? i mean, it was all IN there to begin with, why cant it fit back in there once youve paid for it? to make you feel even worse about how much you spend on stuff you didnt really go to the shop for? Dh on the other hand delights in spending his days in the shops.. he will go up and down EVERY single isle, get all giddy when he spots a "bargain" (even if that 3 for 2 turns out more expensive or we will never get through 2 let alone 3 before the expiry date) and he has the patience of a saint when it comes to queuing, me, i had straight for the selfserve area and scan my little basket of items and get OUT of there. anyway, for this photo i cheated a little as its been a while since ive been out to the shops, but i took a photo on 20/02/2012 of dh in action at the shop!

Day 150 - Messy

Hahaha an easy word for anybody with THREE teenagers in the house! it drive me absolutely insane, winds me up like nothing else, takes every shred of self discipline i have to just close.those.doors and ignore the messes... so, now is payback time.. welcome to my kids' rooms: