Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More catching up to do Days 153 - 157

Day 157 - Sparkle

This word was another of those multiple choice, change my mind about 100 times kind of words, i finally settled for one sparkly object i thought i knew i had somewhere, but had a sneaking suspicion that i might have dreamt it all! turns out, i was right and dh did buy me one of these after all :) i have no idea how or when or even why he bought me this as i am not a crystal kind of girl, but this one is rather pretty and i must put it out somewhere where it can sparkle and glitter in the sun more.

Day 156 - Colourful

I was surprised by how many colourful things i found around me today, but these sweeties dh bought for me at the jubilee celebration in West Park were the most colourful things i came across all day! (and they tasted yummy too)

Day 155 - Gates

Our new gate to keep the Cooperoo inside the right garden! he managed to just hop over the smaller gate we had there, so something a bit more cooper proof was needed.

Day 154 - In the distance

I actually took quite a few photos for this word, and didnt like any of them. In the end i cheated and used one i took yesterday instead...

Day 153 - Isolated

This one is turning out to be quite difficult... i have no idea what to take a photo of... i suppose this tiny little strawberry on my plants could be classed as isolated? i sure hope its not going to be my only strawberry :D


  1. Lovely photos. Gorgeous sky in the isolated one.

  2. lovely photos, those sweets do look very colourful

  3. Beautiful photos Nicky. I love the sweets and the Crystal, beautiful skies too and the gate is great. well I love everything then, lol ! xxx

  4. Lovely photos!
    Good luck!