Monday, 18 June 2012

Days 168 - 170 Same but different

Ok, so i made a bargain with my human... she has been far too sad these last few days and i think its high time she did something a bit more worth while than just sitting there feeling bad! I know why she is so sad, but i am not allowed to say, so you are all just going to have to trust me that she could do with some nice friends around her who will make her feel a little bit better about herself.

But.. first things first.. some of you asked what my name is, i am vlad! i am a voodoo doll, but not of the scary sort! i bring good magic to my human and she has my brothers and sisters too (though our magic somehow seems to be broken at the minute). Broken magic or not... i managed to have some adventures and i will try and tell you all about them

My first adventure was rather embarrassing for me, as it wasnt really an adventure! I found this BIG mountain of fluffy, fuzzy stuff lying around on the table and thought that was going to be my new bed! As i snuggled down to get a feel for it, i noticed that it was all rather damp. At this point i thought that my new bed had just come out of the wash.... until my human proceeded to dump yet another one of these wet, soggy fluffy things right onto my head (well, i had the sense to just scoot over a little and it missed me)... it wasnt until later that my human's favourite other human asked if she would make a mountain range out of those TISSUES and ever stop crying again. We were all in mortal fear that she would flood us with all those tears and snuffles

Here is me in my mountain of tissues

Well, i was going to get you all up to date with what has happened to me so far, but i dont think my human is in the right frame of mind... i sneaked on here, but im sure shell be back in a minute or two, flooding us some more.. seriously, all this crying is NOT good for her complexion... someone should tell her!

In case i wont get another chance i thought i have something fun for you all to think about: I sneaked into someone else's house!! yup just like a squatter.. i went through the front door and stayed there! can you all guess whose house i am in? oh.. the new tennants have now arrived, but they were rather nice about me being there and i think we might become friends!

I see you are all too busy giving my human hugs to guess where i was... but it was kind of tricky anyway! I was in the toads new house! At first the green guy kind of scared me, but when i saw his bright orange belly, i had to laugh and he didnt seem bothered by me at all! His missus (Esmeralda) didnt so much as say hello to me, how rude!