Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 200 - 207

So, i have done a LOT of soul searching this past week and, after getting over the initial shock and many tears and discussions, it boiled down to a choice: Let ONE person (and her horde of friends, all of whom are unknown to me) win and be the victim and buy into her bullying or, pick myself up, dust myself off and get back into something i was enjoying (despite the odd struggle here and there) and stay with a group of nice people i was lucky enough to "meet" through this challenge. As you can see, I am choosing to change how i look at this whole sorry story and hope to put it behind me. I need to learn to listen to people who matter and to not let people who dont matter get to me. So, for all those who DONT matter, if you dont like what you see or read on my blog, TOUGH, its MY blog, i put here what i want, if i want, when i want. And if you feel its ok to follow me around in cyberworld and then try and use things against me, then YOU are the one with the problem, not ME. To all my "friends".. thank you so much for encouraging me and for sticking around.


Loved finding a photo for this word, i didnt want to go with the obvious (things flying in the sky) but everything i tried, didnt quite work out.. so i ventured into the back and found these raindrops that look as though they are airborne, even though they are trapped on a pretty spider's web.


I was going to take a photo of one of the kids' trainers :) especially the boys'... but thought i've embarrassed them enough on this blog already, so i snapped a pic of the cheese when i made some cheese on toast for lunch.

Matched Pair

As a special treat, to mark the end of the last day at school and the beginning of the summer holidays, we treated everyone to a milkshake!


I managed to get everyone involved in this one, well, almost. Everyone is holding up ONE finger...

Three's a crowd

As a mother of two boys and one girl, i can attest that the sentiment is most definitely true! Two of mine can always be seen rattling around together (mainly the boys, but sometimes allegiances are formed between one of the older and the youngest) while the other is always left out. It has caused many an arguement over the years, and, needless to say, i did not get a chance to document this much lamented short coming of a 3 sibling family. Instead of stalking those three all day, i turned my attention to our little 3legged barbeque grill... i tried to get all three legs into the picture, but no matter what angle i chose, it always only showed TWO...


Despite looking out for Nines all day, this was the only thing i could come up with... nine pebbles in our garden showing the number 9.


My first thought was "ready, steady, go" but it turned into me taking photos of the beautiful weather at 1,2 and 3 pm.


I had no idea where to go with today's word, until i settled down in the sunshine to crochet some more rows to my bedspread... the number of stitches are multiples of three and each row has a tripple cluster of tripple stitches.