Saturday, 28 July 2012

Day 208 - 210


I actually did a little happy skip when i saw this prompt! We had planned a day to the sea side, it had been such a long time since wed been near the sea, we were all excited. When we still lived in essex, we took the sea side for granted, although i knew when we moved up here that i would miss the sea. There is something calming about the sea that i cannot quite find anywhere else. To just sit and gaze across the water, dip your toes in the surf and enjoy the smells and sounds of the sea can recharge my batteries in a matter of hours. We went to Weston Super Mare and i was pleasantly surprised by the lovely sandy beach.. we went looking for crabbies, the kids played beach ball and i just tanked up on happy rays. I then spotted a shell that looked like a number 8, the symbol for infinity...


I had to wait for dinner time for this prompt as there was no "fire" to be found... i had taken a photo of the olympic flame coming past our house, but that was taken back in june, so would have been cheating!


The plan was to find something awesome and brilliant for today's prompt.. and i ended up with our (now often featured) favourite wedding rings :) they would also fit for infinity i guess or my fire from yesterday could also be counted as a ring..