Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 211 - 213

Well, it looks like the summer has taken another leave of absence from our part of the uk, and i am not liking it at all. The sunny days were such a reprieve and i could literally feel my mood brighten and i was so much happier, then, these last couple of days it has been back to grey skies and rain and overthinking and generally feeling blue. I must also confess that i am a total Scrooge where the olympics are concerned, i admit, i do not get what is so exciting about watching other people do sports? dont get me wrong, i do LIKE sports, when i play it! I suppose it is also because it all seems to be happening just in London and we really dont get any of the action up here and the only way we know that the olympics are on are the gazzillion different Team GB knick knacks in every shop. I think it would have been great to see some of the other coutnries represented and i may have been tempted to buy some souvenirs with ALL of the nations' flags on.. anyway, because of my general lack of enthusiasm where the olympics are concerned, i have obviously kind of struggled with the prompts.. but ive managed to get photos every day!


I couldnt really find anything heavy, had i taken the photo a day later, i could have shown you all our weekly shopping bags :D but, as it was, i had to find something heavy for day 211. We unsuccesfully tried to keep our kitchen door open with all manner of door stops, folded pieces of card, wedges in the doorjam but all of those became Cooper victims sooner or later! Especially the novelty kind of doorstoppers, you know the ones that are shaped like animals or houses, died painful deaths by decapitation and gutting as soon as Cooper spotted them. This thing however is a solid metal doorstop and although Cooper tries to play with it, it defeats him and we now have a door that stays open!


I suppose i could have cheated for this prompt and used a photo i took the other day at the seaside, dh and dd diving into the sea while playing ball. As it was, i had to settle for a photo of cooper after he dived onto the sofa to claim his spot for a snooze.


This word had me thinking in many different directions... there are so many examples of strength, but they were all rather hard to capture with a camera, so i grabbed these fisherman friends and, as they are EXTRA strong, it even counts for stronger