Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 245 - 251

Still on the catch up here... well, at least it is only the dreaded blogging and not the photo taking...


I must admit, this was the perfect prompt for me :) you all remember that photo i showed off way back on Day 57? Well, i got my two warring parties to set aside the weapons and cooperate for today's photo! Turned into quite the giggle as we couldnt work out how we took the original photo and also, when my hand was the biggest back then.. it is now the SMALLEST.. how things change :) Anyway, here are our hands:


Another nice and easy word.. some funky socks i bought for a sock monster that im planning on making for someone to cheer up their day a little.

Something You Wear

Well, you've all seen my shoe collection, my jewellery collection, my jeans collection, my shirts and tshirts.. so, really there isnt much left to show you that i wear.. and NO i will NOT go into my underwear drawer for you all. But i'm coming close with this photo.. ladies, i give you all... my favourite PYJAMAS


Well, after giving up on about 100 photos gone wrong, i settled for our twisted pasta before cooking it.

Out Shopping

Perfect prompt for a monday, as mondays are our shopping day.... as anticipated and much loved by dh as they are dreaded by me. I usually try and get away with waiting in the car with a book or a puzzle and let him get on with it.. but, as i needed a photo, i braved the shop. Here is dh doing one of his favourite things in the whole wide world SHOPPING.


Mmmm.. i used to be a ribbon addict when we were still living our "old life" and i had a huge collection in all the colours you could imagine. Nowadays, as i cant really bring myself to scrap anymore as it brings too many sore memories, i only have a small collection that fit into two jars.. but here are my pretty ribbons:


Im not much of a basket person.. more of box person, boxes can be neatly stacked and have those wonderful lids on that you can just cram on top.. but i do have one basket (well kind of, its made from wicker and woven so i guess it counts?) that contains the yarn balls i use for current projects. Yup, that double bedspread is still in the making.


  1. Excellent for all 7! BRAVO!!
    /The photo of hands - this is the one that I had to make for my subtopic - love!/

  2. great idea for twisted- pasta, well done on braving the shops for a photo too.

  3. Great catch up and love the photos of DH shopping and yes he looks so happy too!!

  4. Great catch up Nicky. Gosh I do love the PJ's !!!xxx