Friday, 7 September 2012

Last days of August in September

It's been ages again since i last felt the inclination to update this blog... but i have faithfully taken my photos each day. The last catch up post was meant to include explanations of the photos but i ran out of steam and the will to blog after resizing and posting the photos. Most of them are self explanatory really anyway, maybe with the exception for:


I took a photo of Coopy's ear because that seems to be one body part of his that EVERYBODY likes, its the silky, soft fur that makes it so tangible and even for me, playing with coopy's ears can calm me down in a matter of minutes, when nothing else works.


We don't usually have desert on weekdays, but that particular apple strudle and custard was not only desert on a weekday, but also very, very late on a weekday, so HIGHLY irregular.


As i chose Frog (who really is one of our fire bellied toads) for my free choice, his food was an obvious (to me) follow on


As i had used the perfect thing for unity, i had to really think (i could have embarrassed myself and taken a photo of the christmas tree start that still hasnt made its' way into the loft) and it wasn't until i closed my laptop that i noticed the stars on the lid.


Ladies, that is my ENTIRE shoe collection :) i usually rattle around in my crocs in the summer (the mary jane's are my dress shoes) and my docMartens or trainers in the winter.. simple as that.


This one im quite proud of! I have shown you this plant before and yup, it has survived my TLC for all this time and is still going strong and throwing out its' little flowers!

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